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Assam Journal

Assam Journal

Adinor Sombad

Adinor Sombad

Swatantra Awaz Newspaper

Swatantra Awaz

Assam Times Indian Newspaper

Assam Times

Times Newspaper Assam India

Times of Assam

Enajori Asomiya Indian Newspapers Magazine

Enajori Assam

Janasadharan Asomiya Indian Newspapers

Janasadharan Assam

Asomiya Sadin Indian Newspapers

Sadin Asom

Assam Tribune Newspaper India

Assam Tribune

Ajir Asom Newspaper Assam India

Ajir Asom

Janambhumi Newspaper Assam India

Janambhumi Assam

Niyamiya Barta Newspaper Assam India

Niyamiya Barta Assam

Amar Asom Newspaper Assam India

Amar Asom

Ajir Dainik Batori Assam India Newspaper

Ajir Dainik Batori Assam

Asomiya Pratidin India Newspaper

Asomiya Pratidin

Sentinel Asomiya Indian Newspapers

Sentinel Assam

Asamiya Khabor India Newspaper

Assamiya Khabor

Gana Adhikar Asom Newspaper Assam India

Gana Adhikar Assam

Times of India Newspaper

Times of India

Nababarta Prasanga Newspaper Assam India

Nababarta Prasanga Assam

Syandan Agartala Tripura Indian Newspaper

Syandan Patrika

Jagaran Tripura Newspaper Assam India

Jagaran Tripura

Desher Katha Tripura

Desher Katha Tripura

Samayik Prasanga Asomiya Indian Newspapers

Samayik Prasanga Assam

Agradoot Assam India Newspapers

Agradoot Assam

Sangbad Agartala Indian Newspaper

Dainik Sambad Agartala

Century Sangbad Bengali Indian Newspaper

Century Sangbad

Assamese Newspaper History:
The history of Assamese print media is more than 160 years old. The journey was started with “Arunodoi”. It was first published in January, 1846 from Sibsagar. Dr. Nathan Brown was the first editor of the monthly magazine. There were many newspapers/magazines published after Arunodoi, some survived for long, some disappeared quickly. But by and large all of them contributed to the Assamese society, language and media.

In 1882, Hemchandra baruah published wekkly tabloid “Assam News” in both assamese and english which was in true sense a newspaper. But it was short lived and the publication was stopped within 3 years in 1885. In 1894 Manik Chandra Barua and Kaliram Barua together published another weekly “Assam”. The newspaper got attention of the general public and became popular for some time. In 1895 Radhanath Changkakoty published english weekly newspaper, “Times of Assam” from Dibrugarh. The newspaper continued contributing to the Assamese society for more than five decades till 1947.

In 14th January, 1900, Padmanath Gohain Barua published weekly “Assam Bonti”. Later the newspaper was named as “Bonti”. It continued publishing till 1944. In 1902 two english newspapers were published from Dibrugarh, “The eastern Herald” and “Citizen”. In 1918, Chandrakumar Agarwala published “Xhadiniya Xhongbaad”. In 1927 Kirtinath Sharma published “Xhadiniya Raaiz” and in 1929 Nilamoni Phukan published daily “Dainik Batori” from Jorhat.In 1932 “Axom Xevak” and in 1935 Ambikagiri Raichoudhury published “Deka Axom”. The newspaper continued publication till 1954. After the death of Raichoudhury in 1967, his son Bhagagiri Raichoudhury republished the newspaper, but didn’t continue long. In 1989 the “Deka Axom” was republished as a trimonthly magazine by Skhitish Chandra Phukan. But it was not successful. In 1939 Benudhar Sharma published “Tarun Axom” from from Dibrugarh.

In 1946 Debakanta Barua published “Dainik Axomiya”. But it just lasted for only two years. In 1949 Mr Barua published “Natun Axomiya”. Later Birinchi kumar Barua, Kirtinath Hazarika, etc took editorship of the newspaper. This daily created a new horizon in Assamese news media.

After Independence, Assam witness numerous daily and weekly newspapers. “Raaiz”, “Xaantidoot”, “Axom Batori” (Chandraprasad Saikia), “Nilachal”(Homen Borgohauin), “Ganatatra”, “Mahajaati” (Purnanarayan Sighna), “Alok”, “Nagorik”, etc are a few to name with.

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